It is hard to imagine what cooking would be like without the unique flavors provided by herbs, spices, and the many seasonings available.

Along with a specific cooking style and the right ingredients, sauces and seasonings are essential to achieve that distinct Asian flavor. Combined with the oil in the pot and the dipping sauces on the table, like Kikomann soy sauce and dumpling dipping sauce, these Asian sauces will lead to a perfectly delicious Asian meal.

Hot chili sause is definitely an Asian kitchen staple, used for sweet, sour, and savory dishes alike. Add this product to stir-fry, rub it on meats as a marinade, or use it as a dipping sauce. Its versatility alone competes with its spicy flair!

Other popular items in our range of seasonings include rice vinegar and rice wine vinegar, soy sauses, and fish sauses. Use these sauces to all their cooking potential in your favorite Asian dishes.

Also, it’s so much fun to put these sauces in their own little dipping bowls. We’ve got plenty of those as well.

It is almost impossible to describe all of our herb species. Come and convince yourself of the wide variety of herbs. If questions about a specific product, Vanida will be happy to help with the appropriate explanation.