Snacks, Sweets, Tea & Coffee

Asian Snacks

The bulk of the delicacies and drinks come from
South-East Asia. Think of countries like Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, East Timor, Malaysia, India, Singapore, China, Japan, etc …

Many of the delicacies are “Street Food” and are so sold on the street at the numerous stalls that Asia has. Everywhere on the street eating and drinking. Street food is characterized by easy edible food and drinks, a quick snack for appetite.


Asian Sweets

Asian sweet delicacies are originally from Southeast Asia. Very spicy or just sickly sweet, served hot or cold. Famous and less famous snacks. Small delicious snacks,fast food, snacks, sweets, desserts and a variety of typical Oriental ice cream.


Asian Teas

Making tea is sometimes a ritual, but tea is also simple to make. First rinse the teapot with hot water to get it hot. Pour boiling water into the preheated pot and add in the tea, loose or in a tea bag. Brew the tea a few minutes. The tea will get more bitter the longer you brew it (more than 5 min.).

Green tea should not be drawn too hot, because it becomes too bitter. Therefore, first pour the preheated pot for one quarter full of cold water and fill with boiling hot water. The cold water temperature is between 70 and 80 degrees. Good and well prepared green tea has a spicy taste, black tea tastes more sweeter.

Of course, tea can also be prepared immediately into a cup.


Asian Coffee

Asian coffee is known for his rare, yet original cultivated coffee. Coffee is definitely thriving in Asia. Almost one third of China’s population consumes coffee. In Asia, the popular coffee flavour is a lighter, sweeter coffee, while a bit different than what you will find in many Western countries.

We have different kinds: 3 in 1 coffee, collagen coffee, ginseng coffee, instant coffee and iced coffee.